Brownie Bakeoff

Over the past week I have been baking like crazy. I’ve been home from college for about three weeks now and have already made five desserts and done some other cooking. Not a lot in my opinion, but my family seems impressed.

One of the desserts I’ve had my eye on this summer has been brownies. Personally, I’ve never been the biggest fan though you certainly won’t see my say no to brownies or licking the brownie batter. However, my dad loves brownies and since I haven’t made them in quite some time I decided I would go all out.

I made two brownie recipes last week (I have some others I want to try but I’m putting them on the back burner after this). One was the famous Katherine Hepburn Brownies and the other brownies were these amazing Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies. I got both recipes from the same site (my favorite- Brown Eyed Baker). They were both quite simple to make really, even though I subbed out some things again.

I used salted butter in both recipes, but I also used semi-sweet chocolate so I kept the salt amount in and cut down on sugar. I added a little less than half the sugar in both recipes and tasted to check on the flavor and added from there accordingly. It really isn’t that hard to sub out ingredients and make up for it somewhere else. Additionally, I went a little easy on the amount of vanilla extract in both recipes.

I made the KH brownies first and then the raspberry ones. I’m a little biased since raspberries are my favorite fruit, but the raspberry cream cheese brownies are my absolute favorite! In this recipe, you use raspberry jam instead of fresh raspberries too, so the flavor is definitely comes through.

The KH brownies are low rise brownies and very light. The recipe doesn’t make that many. These were actually my family’s favorites. I’m not sure if it’s because of how fudgy they are or if it’s the walnuts, but it is definitely worth a try.

On the other hand, the raspberry cream cheese brownies are a little more cakey, but still have that distinctive brownie texture. The filling is cream cheese with raspberry jam and it is delicious! I liked these much better and it showed when I could not stop eating them (a rarity since I don’t usually eat what I bake). These are a for sure 10/10 would recommend. Check it out for yourselves!RCC Brownies.jpg

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the KH brownies, but they also looked moist and flaky. They were just much smaller. I’ll probably be making them again since my family loved them so I’ll take pictures then and post them!

Happy baking!


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